The Hero Network

The Hero Network is a group of researchers who are interested in the psychology of heroes and heroic behavior. The group includes members at all stages of their academic and non-academic careers, including undergraduates, academic faculty and people not working in academic settings. The Hero Network seeks to promote intelligent, inclusive research on topics such as:

  • How do we identify heroes?Print
  • What functions do heroes provide?
  • Can heroes be used to promote wellbeing?

It is also our aim to disseminate research and as such our members will regularly post blog articles to help bridge the gap between the lab and the real world.

Please feel free to have a root through our menu options to see blog posts, publications, and details of our membership.

We are interested in partnering with organisations and NGOs to conduct meaningful research.

We work closely with the Advancing Social Cognition (ASC) lab group, the i-TEACH lab and the Centre for Social Issues Research (CSI-R).